Listen to what our clients are saying

"Anand's Resume Consulting Services was very helpful in providing insightful feedback on improving my resume. His expertise helped with my keywords and the content of my resume."   

Matthew Wong, UC Berkeley B.S. Electrical Engineering / Computer Science '16

"Anand pinpointed mistakes and suggested changes that neither I nor anyone at the resume seminars I attended thought of. I'd definitely recommend everyone to get his or her resume critiqued by Anand"

Pradyumn Shroff, UC Berkeley B.S. Electrical Engineering / Computer Science '16

"Anand's resume services have been the best out of all resume review services I’ve tried. He was more thorough and provided more detailed explanations than other people who do this as their profession."

Andrew Adams, UCLA B.S. Electrical Engineering '13

"Anand's services were extremely helpful in getting me interviews. He does a good job of choosing words that best describe your previous roles and experiences, and knows what employers are looking for. Just tell Anand what you did for the summer - and he'll tell you what you really did."

Shyam Kumar, UC Berkeley Electrical Engineering / Computer Science '16

"Anyone, in any field and in search of any job, will benefit tremendously from this service. Anand's response is both fast and thorough, and by leveraging his experience working with a large number of resumes , he's able to provide exceedingly clever insight into yours. If you're wondering whether to consult Anand's expertise, the answer is that you should have consulted him weeks ago—but now is the next best time."

Jimmy Wu, UC Berkeley Electrical Engineering / Computer Science '15

"I was a bit skeptical about Anand’s ability to edit my resume initially, as I didn’t believe he had the necessary background to do so, but after receiving an edited version of my resume from him, any and all doubts vanished. His professionalism, his demeanor and his manner of approaching the various errors outlined on the resume were fantastic, and I would honestly recommend him to anybody seeking to get more out of their resume."

Vinay Ramesh, UC Berkeley B.A. Political Science '16